Indulge in a culinary journey at the EICC, where food meets excellence!

Our Culinary Partner: Leith’s

Since our inception in 1995, Leith’s has been our trusted partner in delivering exceptional food and hospitality services. With a commitment to Scottish hospitality, we ensure every guest experiences the finest culinary delights during their event.

Sustainability at the Forefront

As part of our Step Change sustainability program, we prioritise sustainable food options. Embracing vegan, vegetarian, and seasonal Scottish ingredients, our dynamic menu reflects our dedication to sustainability.

Key Initiatives:

  • Supply Chain Review: Our chefs meticulously review the supply chain, prioritising locally sourced ingredients with minimal transportation impact.
  • Climate Labelling: Each menu item features climate labelling, allowing clients to make informed choices about the environmental impact of their selections.
  • Reducing Food Waste: Leith’s implements measures to minimise food waste and transition towards a circular economy.

Meet Our Culinary Team

Discover the talented individuals behind the exquisite culinary creations at EICC. Meet the Leith's at the EICC Team 

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We work in lifestyle medicine, so the food that we eat during the conference has to be nutritionally extremely clean, unprocessed and very good quality. Our nutritional group liaised with the EICC around the menu and the constituents of the menu so that we could list everything that was in the food. That was a lot of work, but it worked wonderfully.

Dr Fraser Quin, Executive Director, British Society of Lifestyle Medicine Annual Conference


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