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Take a look at some of the previous talks in the EICC Live series. If you have an idea for a future talk, then get in touch at [email protected]

EICC Live Online: Being at Home in Nature with RSPB Scotland | 30 April 2020
RSPB Scotland's Helene Moncrieff explains how the benefits of nature can be achieved at home. 

EICC Live Online: Divine Reading with Dr Daphne Loads | 9 April 2020
How do you read? Drowning in neverending email? Rapidly devouring whodunnits, then immediately forgetting them? Learn to read mindfully with Dr Daphne Loads as she discusses Divine Reading.


EICC Live and the David Hume Institute. Jonathan Taylor in conversation with Fran van Dijk | February 2020
Former Vice President of the European Investment Bank discusses his experience of leading a mission-led bank and contributing to 6 COPs as the Bank's lead on climate action.


EICC Live: Library of Mistakes with Ray Perman | December 2019
Author and financial journalist, Ray Perman, discusses what we can learn from historic banking mistakes. 


EICC Live: the Future of Healthcare with Edinburgh BioQuarter | November 2019 
A panel of experts share their amazing stories of medical innovation; while assessing the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities for the NHS as we head into a new decade of discovery.

EICC Live: the Future of Healthcare with Dr Catherine Stables


EICC Live: the Future of Healthcare with Dr Jamie Coleman


EICC Live: the Future of Healthcare with Prof Kev Dhaliwal


EICC Live Hyperloop | June 2019
Members of the team from the University of Edinburgh's HYPED - a student society developing Hyperloop in the UK - talk about how they are accelerating Elon Musk's concept for future mass transportation. 

EICC Live Hyperloop with Dipti Rapte


EICC Live Hyperloop with Gonzalo Gil


EICC Live Hyperloop with Michal Stevove

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