Five Ways the EICC is Supporting the Wider Community

Although we’re well known in the events space, we reckon there are some EICC initiatives that may have flown under your radar. From our collaboration with Edinburgh’s leading academics to the work we’re doing to become a leading sustainable venue, here are five things you may not know about the EICC

Winning Gold for all things Green

At the EICC, we share the event industry’s dedication to environmental responsibility. We’re committed to making a positive impact to people and planet so we’ve taken action to implement environmentally friendly practices throughout our business and set ambitious sustainability goals.

A range of our recent awards

Over the last year, we’re proud to have had our efforts recognised in a series of recent environmental awards. These included the SEAL Business Awards, the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, IMEX-EIC Innovation in Sustainability Awards, BTN Group Business Travel Awards 2024 and a gold award from Green Tourism. 

Supporting Collaboration with the Exchange Initiative

Exchange Initiative logo

The group is raising the profile of Edinburgh’s key sectors and creating lasting positive impacts for the city.

It’s our aim to support collaboration and raise Edinburgh's profile as an international centre of academic research and innovation. That’s why in 2022 we set up the Exchange Initiative, a city-wide collaboration among Edinburgh’s leading academics, who work together to attract global conferences to Edinburgh for the benefit of the whole city. 

Collectively, the group is raising the profile of Edinburgh’s key sectors and creating lasting positive impacts for the city in the fields of health, wellbeing and sustainability. Crucially, the Initiative aims to make business events more inclusive for the wider community. 

Learn more about how the Exchange Initiative has achieved success – and what its ambitions are for the future.  

Promoting Inclusivity

Image depicting neurodiversity

As a modern, purpose-built space, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive, accessible venue. 

In 2018, we won Best Venue at the Euan’s Guide awards for the best examples of disabled access during Edinburgh’s Festival season. Having taken great care to cater for as wide and diverse an audience as possible, we’ve also learned a lot along the way. 

In March 2023, we hosted It Takes All Kinds of Mind (ITAKOM), an international conference focused on the far-reaching concept of neurodiversity, which drew together personal, practitioner and academic experience.

Learn more about how we ensured the conference was a successful and enjoyable experience for all involved, and how we’re building on future inclusivity measures.

Hosting public talks with EICC Live

Image of speakers on stage at EICC Live: Modern Diplomacy

As part of our commitment to community engagement and quality education, the EICC regularly welcomes audiences to our venue for EICC Live - our series of free public talks.

Previous topics have covered climate action, neuroscience and the future of healthcare. Soon we’ll be hosting ‘Breaking the Silence on HPV’, welcoming experts to the EICC’s public stage to discuss HPV and spread awareness of the disease.  

If you have an idea for a future talk, please get in touch at [email protected]

Catering to a more sustainable future


Our sustainability philosophy revolves around a triple-bottom-line approach, emphasising economic, environmental, and societal considerations. This complete approach to sustainability ensures that our business decisions not only drive economic growth, but also foster positive environmental and social impacts.

Today Leith’s and the EICC are united in our commitment to offer more sustainable food options at our events. 

Leith’s (whose parent company is Levy UK & Ireland) has been our catering partner since the EICC opened in 1995. Since that time, our partnership has evolved to reflect changing social, environmental and cultural demands. In the face of a growing climate emergency, today Leith’s and the EICC are united in our commitment to offer more sustainable food options at our events.   

From seasonal produce, to carbon labelling and food waste apps, find out more about what Leith’s is doing to create a greener future in the catering and events space.