Our beautiful and vibrant city is an exciting destination for events

It's a city with a tradition of intellectual and scientific endeavour, and a world-leading knowledge hub which brings together academia, research and industry.

As an academic bringing a scientific conference to the city, you are making an essential contribution to Edinburgh’s continued success. In recent years, this role has increased in significance especially during a time of economic recovery.

Here are a few examples of how you can make a difference when you bring your event to Edinburgh:


1. Innovation. Your event will accelerate progress, driving commerce, innovation, and knowledge transfer.


2. Multi-sector Impacts. Your event will raise the profile of your sector and drive engagement and impact across many sectors in Edinburgh and Scotland.


3. Relationship & Trust. Your event will create and maintain networks nationally and globally, building trust and opportunities for the future.


4. Diversification & Self Sufficiency. Your international event will be a magnet for individuals. The opportunity to showcase your research and institution to attract future students, staff, and researchers.


5. Community Legacy. Your event will leave a valuable legacy for Edinburgh & Scotland. Through collaboration and partnerships this legacy will address priority community needs.


6. Support the Visitor Economy. Association events and conferences are worth at least £217 million to the Scottish economy and as many delegates extend their stay in Scotland then your event will contribute to this success.


7. Measurable ROI. Your event will have a measurable impact for Edinburgh. An average international conference for 500 delegates over 3 days brings £610,500 in economic benefit for Edinburgh.


8. Sustainability. Edinburgh has had a strong reputation of being one of the UK's greenest cities with an ambitious target to become a net zero city by 2030. This means that by 2030, we want to remove the same amount of greenhouse gases that we, as a city, put into the air. To be more sustainable, as defined by the UNSDGS and be carbon neutral, will require collaboration between policy makers, private sector and academia.



We're proud to work with our city's universities as part of the Exchange Initiative Advisory Board.