Fri 02 August
15:00 - 16:15

Grow Up in the Sun

Shanghai Huangpu Student Art Troupe’s Chinese National Cultural

The Chinese Orchestra of Shanghai Huangpu Youngster Art Activity Centre has been established more than 20 years. It has achieved top awards in many international and domestic competitions and held several special concerts in Shanghai. The Chinese Craft Troupe is known as “the little messenger of national culture”. It has followed the national leaders to participate in Sino-French, Sino-German, Sino-Australian, and Sino-Japan "Cultural Year", during which, the excellent arts and skills deeply impressed the foreign guests. This time, they will present special performances including  Chinese folk music Courage Race, Spring, Silk Camel Bell, etc., and Chinese traditional artwork like paper-cut, calligraphy, seal cutting, dough modelling, Chinese painting, Chinese knots, tea ceremony, etc.

Tickets from £5.00

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