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What if I need to arrange a site visit and planning meeting?
Site visits can go ahead, by prior appointment with your event planner. As with any other meeting, all latest government guidance on travel and meetings should be followed during the visit.

What provisions can be made for speakers who cannot attend at late notice?   
We can provide the necessary technology and support for speakers to present remotely, so that the presentation can be seen in our venue and online.  A contingency plan, to cover this scenario should be discussed in advance with your planning team.

What if speakers have unreliable internet connection, how would this work with hybrid events?
Presentations can be sent to our Technical Team in advance. The speaker can then present using telephone audio whilst the presentation displays on screen. Alternatively, the presentation can be pre-recorded with a live Q&A session at the end. 

What if I need speakers and delegates to interact and they can’t all be on site?
Our online event platform includes opportunities for speakers and delegates to interact via Q&A, surveys, live polling and group discussions.  

What if there are restrictions on international travel and my numbers are significantly reduced?  
If your delegate numbers are significantly reduced due to travel restrictions, we recommend that you choose one of our hybrid solutions which will allow delegates to join the event remotely.  We will work with you to create a programme that is suitable to accommodate speakers, delegates and exhibitors both online and in-person. 

Does everyone attending the event need to do a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) within 24 hours of arriving? 
We recommend that clients ask all attendees to carry out an LFT, and provide evidence of negative result, within 24 hours of attending the event.  

Do we need to follow the Test and Protect system, and how would this be managed?   
As well as our clients having a full delegate list with contact details, attendees are expected to scan in on arrival, using the venue specific Test & Protect QR Code on display at the entrance.

Do you, as the venue, provide face masks and sanitisers?  
We don’t provide face coverings, but we have free standing hand sanitising units at the entrance to the venue and in other key locations such as cloakrooms and toilets.

Do we need a one-way-flow?   
It would be best practice to do so wherever possible, as it helps to control the flow of people at your event and helps with covid mitigation. 

Can masks be removed when seated during sessions?   
Current guidance dictates that face coverings should be worn at all times during conferences, unless eating or drinking.

What if some attendees don’t want to wear a mask?  
We would ask that all attendees, unless they are medically exempt, do wear a face covering, when required, to protect others and our team.

How do attendees show exemptions from mask wearing?  
We suggest that delegates who are exempt, should  wear a lanyard and a badge, which can be ordered online.

Are masks compulsory for all venue staff? 
We ask that all of our team members wear face covering unless they are medically exempt.

Can attendees shake hands?  
We would recommend against this as minimising physical contact reduces the spread of viruses and infection.

Will your cloakrooms be available to our event? 
Yes, we intend to have the cloakroom open for conference style events (not for public events/tradeshows)  We ask that delegates minimise the number of personal belongings that they bring to the venue.

Can you outline your cleaning regime?
We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitising all high touch points. Toilets are also checked and cleaned on an increased basis throughout the day/evening.

What is being done to maintain cleanliness of tech kit, e.g. sharing mics?  
The Technicians have sanitising products to clean any shared items after each person has used them.

What happens if one of my delegates develops Covid symptoms / tests positive during the event?   
If someone develops symptoms while at the venue, they must ensure they keep their face covering on, keep at least 2m distance from others, leave the venue ASAP, and get an appointment to have a PCR test.  

Our medical room can be used for isolation purposes if the attendee does not have an alternative place to isolate in the first instance. They may be asked to carry out an LFT while in the isolation room.  If symptoms develop whilst they are at their hotel, they should stay there, and not come to the venue.

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