The Edinburgh International Conference Centre is a purpose built facility providing meeting and exhibition space and ancillary services for a wide range of international and national customer events.

The Conference Centre typically provides facilities for the following types of activity: Conference meetings and related activities; other business meetings; lectures and presentations; exhibitions; trade shows; product launches; networking events; award ceremonies and presentations; charity events and fundraising activities; cookery, food, cocktail and alcohol demonstrations; food and drink fairs; wine, whisky and other alcohol tastings; fashion shows; game shows and television show recordings; public performances and auditions; book or poetry readings and recitals; stand-up comedy performances; signing and musical performances; theatrical productions; artists and dance performances; indoor sporting events; and other activities consistent with a multipurpose international conference venue.

The principal remit of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, as agreed with the City of Edinburgh Council, is to:

  • procure the successful and continued operation of the Centre as a venue for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, annual general meetings, cultural and sporting events, award ceremonies and other such events in a global market place with international and national customers so as to maximise the economic benefit to the City of Edinburgh 
  • insure, maintain and upgrade the Centre from time to time as necessary to carry on its business
  • operate on a prudent commercial basis in accordance with the Business Plan