Wed 08 May

Modern Monetary Theory: "An Independent Currency with a Job Guarantee" by MMT Scotland

MMT Scotland is an advocacy group for Modern Monetary Theory within a Scottish perspective. Our aim is to deliver accurate and accessible knowledge of monetary and financial systems to the broader public. We prove that there is widespread ignorance in the media and political sphere about what money is and how it operates. To challenge this, we will create a free educational resource that provides an accurate framework for understanding the modern monetary system.


Join our host Chris Cook who has been involved for 25 years in the legal design, development and regulation of markets and ask questions with Patricia Pino. Who co hosts the MMT Podcast a grassroots initiative that provides economics with the MMT perspective on UK and Worldwide issues. As two of the leading founders of MMT Warren Mosler and Bill Mitchell explain in great detail what Modern Monetary Theory would mean for an independent Scotland and the UK as a whole


Wheelchair access - please contact EICC box office / 0131 519 4153

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