Event Impact Reports

Know your impact

Every event hosted at EICC, regardless of size, will now receive a detailed and bespoke Event Impact Report. These reports will describe the event's specific environmental, economic and social impacts – both positive and negative. Your unique report will also recommend improvements for sustainability for your next event, whether it is at EICC or elsewhere.

Multiple factors, including plastic use, energy consumption and waste management, will be used to calculate the environmental impact of events held at EICC. For carbon footprint, there are five main streams that will be measured: energy, waste, water, travel, and procurement.

The EICC has an excellent track record in waste management, with less than 1% of waste collected on our premises sent to landfill. Since 2013 the EICC has also reduced its carbon emissions by an impressive 50%.

Both social and economic impacts of events are less reported but the Event Impact Reports will address this as we recognise that sustainability can not be achieved unless all three areas of impact are understood.

As well as doing good for the planet, Event Impact Reports will be hugely valuable to clients of the EICC. Organisers can use them for their own sustainability reporting processes, as well as for PR purposes to demonstrate their commitment to operating in the most sustainable way possible. The reports will also be useful for our clients acquiring accreditations like ISO 140001, and will have the potential to foster sponsorship opportunities for clients.

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