Our Commitment

As a Company we actively support Green initiatives and organisations.  As such, the EICC Team considers the environmental impacts affecting every procurement decision associated with the running of successful events.

Preference is given to products and services which have a minimal or beneficial impact to the environment – all the while continuing to meet the needs of our clients. We strive to source products and services from suppliers and contractors which provide 100% internal and external customer satisfaction.

Whilst giving preference to products and services which are identified as ‘environmentally superior’, we ensure that health and safety and other relevant standards are equally met.

We recognise ‘environmental superiority’ based on sustainability and efficient use of energy and natural resources. We ask that service contractors for events, such as production crew, translators, hosts, catering, security, cleaning and consultants to join us in adhering to EICC’ Sustainability Principles and Contractors Guidelines.

Preference will be given to products and services certified by recognised authorities such as Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), EMS ISO 14001, Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS), Green Globe and other applicable sustainability standards.

EICC has taken a strong leadership role in encouraging their supply chain and other businesses to improve their performance. Presenting lessons learned to sustainability managers at events in an informative and inspirational manner.
Scottish Government agency Zero Waste Scotland
Never have I seen an organisation that is so committed to living and breathing sustainability as part of its normal business operations.
Head of the Chilean Government Business Improvement Service, George Avaralo
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