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Social accountability is definitely high on the checklist for events and conferences. With an independently assessed top green grading, many clients choose the EICC and Edinburgh for their events over other European destinations.

We feel confident in our Plan-it Green™ programme and are delighted to share our expertise and knowledge of the benefits of integrating environmental practices in planning events:

Careful attention to food and beverage planning can have a significant impact on the environment. All food is freshly prepared on the premises from seasonal ingredients sourced within 200 miles of Edinburgh. The catering team adheres to an environmentally-sound approach to the disposal of waste including food, packaging, cooking oils and liquids.

We take an environmental best-practice approach to new projects and refurbishments of our facilities. We monitor our Building Management System and take positive steps to maximise efficiency including air quality and external emissions.

Waste Management
We endeavour to minimise waste using the 3R's principles (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) as much as possible. This includes materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic cups, bottles, cans, tins and exhibition waste. All waste is delivered to a transfer station where it is segregated and only a percentage now goes to landfill.

We fully encourage the use of shared public transport for our staff, clients and delegates and can supply details of local transportation options.

Sustainable Procurement
It is our commitment to inform and involve our business partners and suppliers about issues relevant to developing an environmentally responsible culture. Preference will be given to products and services that have minimal or beneficial impact on the environment.

Sustainable Accommodation
Accommodation has a significant contribution to how an event affects the environment. EICC can provide a list of hotels which are actively involved in green initiatives and promote environmental best practice.

Legal & other Requirements
We comply fully with all Environmental Legislation. We are ISO 14001:2015 accredited and have won several prestigious green tourism awards for our commitment and delivery of our own sustainable events programme.

Carbon Mitigation
We have a partnership with Forest Carbon Ltd and the Borders Forest Trust to plant new woodlands that will capture atmospheric carbon dioxide as the trees grow and will benefit wildlife and biodiversity. These woodlands are used for our own carbon mitigation programme and we actively encourage our clients to make use of them to capture the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions arising from events.

Trees are planted, monitored and protected under the UK government's Woodland Carbon Code, which offers independently audited assurances that:

  • The right trees have been planted, in the right place
  • The carbon capture estimates are project specific and scientifically sound
  • The woodlands are managed to a high standard
  • The trees are protected in the long term
  • The trees would not be there but for the involvement of EICC and partners

The Woodland Carbon Code is the only government backed means of buying "carbon credits" from projects in the UK. Each tonne of carbon dioxide captured by trees equates to one credit. The Code makes use of the world leading Markit Environmental Registry to transparently track the ownership of all credits, including the EICC's. An explanation of the Registry can be found here.

Our partners and our woodland
Our partners in woodland creation are Forest Carbon - the UK's leading developer of new carbon woodlands - and Borders Forest Trust - an environmental charity formed to conserve, restore and manage native woodlands in the Borders. Forest Carbon and Borders Forest Trust have together planted over 440 hectares of new native woodland for carbon capture for businesses, including EICC.

Different trees capture varying amounts of CO2, often dependent on locations, but on average one carbon credit means the planting of around 4 to 5 native trees - Alder, Birch, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Oak, Rowan and Willow trees are at the site.

The next steps
If you would like to join us in capturing the emissions from your event in this way, please let us know. We can help you with any size footprint, from 1 tonne to 100 tonnes. We will work with you to calculate the carbon emissions associated with your event - considering areas such as travel, energy consumption and waste - and then arrange with Forest Carbon for you to purchase an equivalent number of Woodland Carbon Code certified credits. These will be transferred to an account in your name on the credit registry and we can even register credits in the names of individual delegates if you want to offer them the chance to mitigate their own travel.

The team is the most effective we have seen anywhere in Scotland, with an excellent track record of turning ambitious aspirations into delivered reality, whether in the fields of energy; waste; behavioural change or exploiting their green credentials through their Plan-it green™ service.
Zero Waste Scotland, Programme Director, Robbie Weir
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