How We Support You

Social accountability is definitely high on the checklist of features that major meetings require, and an independently assessed top green grading has been the reason so many clients have chosen the EICC and Edinburgh over other European destinations.

We feel confident with our Plan-it Green™ programme in sharing our expertise and knowledge with you, the event organiser, the benefits of integrating the environment in planning your event. Here are a few things we take seriously;

Clients and Delegates
We are committed to working together with our clients to minimise the environmental impact of their event by adopting best practices wherever possible.

Catering is a major contributor to climate change. Careful attention to food and beverage planning can make a significant impact on the environment. All food is freshly prepared on the premises from locally-sourced ingredients, with an emphasis on imaginative seasonal and healthy dishes EICC can share with you its commitment to environmental practices by only sourcing food within 200 miles of Edinburgh and the appropriate disposal of food waste, cardboard waste, cooking oil and liquid waste.

Waste Management
We endeavour to minimise waste using the 3R's principles (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) as much as possible, this includes materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic cups & bottles, cans & tins, exhibition skips and general waste. All waste is delivered to a transfer station where waste is segregated by our waste contractor and only a percentage now goes to landfill.

We fully encourage the use of shared public transport for our staff, clients and delegates and can supply details of local transportation options

We consider Environment best practice in new projects and Refurbishment. We monitor our Building Management System and take positive steps to maximise efficiency including air quality and external emissions.

Sustainable Procurement
It is our commitment to inform and involve our business partners and suppliers about issues relevant to developing an environmentally responsible culture. Preference will be given to those products and services that have minimal or beneficial impact on the environment.

Sustainable Accommodation
Accommodation plays a significant part in the overall conference package and therefore an area which can contribute largely to how the conference affects the environment. EICC would like to provide clients where requested with a list of hotels who are actively involved in green initiatives and promote an environmental "best practice".

Legal & other Requirements
We comply fully with all Environmental Legislation. We are ISO 14001 accredited and have won several prestigious green tourism awards for our commitment and delivery of our own sustainable events programme.